Through ChargemasterCare, a collaborative partnership between SLG, Inc. and Chargemaster Maintenance Services (CMS), our company connects directly with facility staff to promote chargemaster understanding and awareness and provide a unique client-focused approach to chargemaster maintenance.

Sarah Goodman with CMS president Kenneth Wolfgang at a recent conference.

Sarah Goodman with CMS president Kenneth Wolfgang at a recent conference.

For many years, SLG, Inc. has worked closely with CMS, even as we have built our businesses separately.

Through ChargemasterCare, we are aligning our resources in a strategic alliance to bring our combined 50+ years of experience and expertise to serve our clients.

About Chargemaster Maintenance Services

After many years operating independently, in 2004, Wolfgang Associates, Inc. a Portland, Oregon based company, acquired the Chargemaster Services division of National Health Systems, Inc. (NHS) of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. After the acquisition, with Kenneth Wolfgang at the helm, the company took the name Chargemaster Maintenance Services and began providing services primarily through third party service vendors. CMS found that this arrangement often added unnecessary expense for clients and limited the relationship between analysts and the client, a critical component for successful chargemaster management. Departing from this model, CMS is working through ChargemasterCare to offer high-quality work while also cultivating direct relationships with clients.

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